🌟Thunder Cake FAQs

Our team will keep on updating the FAQs so that we can answer all your questions with our best!

What is ThunderCake Token?

ThunderCake is the next evolution of a reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): the first double reward reflection token using the power of 80/20 to maximize your earnings for both now & future.

Simply hold $THUNDERCAKE tokens and get rewarded 8% in CAKE and 2% in THOREUM, a highly potential x100 token, of each transaction, automatically delivered to your wallet every 60 minutes.

Will my rewards always be paid hourly?

Our unique reward system is triggered by volume (buy + sell activity to cover gas fees). Payouts to holders may not occur every hour if trading volume is low. When this is the case, the amount of double rewarded CAKE & THOREUM each holder will receive is still increase. However, will accrue over a longer period of time until it is suitable for a payout to trigger (usually a few hours).

You can also manual claim all of your left-over amount on the website at anytime.

Is there a minimum amount of $THUNDERCAKE tokens needed?

At this stage, there is no minimum of $THUNDERCAKE tokens needed by each holder. But if you want to benefit from the double CAKE - THOREUM reflection rewards distribution ,you will have to hold at least 200,000 $THUNDERCAKE tokens.

How and when does the contract sell? Why do I sometimes see 4 small "sells" under 1 other sell?

The contract sells whenever it reaches 3,5 Million tokens accumulated from taxes. ( This number can be changed at anytime depends on the price of ThunderCake to make not-so-big sell). Holders' sells trigger the contract to do 4 smalls that split into: CAKE rewards (8%), THOREUM rewards (2%), Dev & Marketing fund (3%), Automatic Liquidity or Buyback & Burn fund (3%) . This accumulates in the contract, dev and marketing wallets as $BNB, $CAKE, $THOREUM as previously described.

⚡️Why Thoreum is distributed slower than CAKE🥞⁉️

  • Many people spotted that their CAKE rewards come earlier than THOREUM. Here is the reason:

1🌱. Thoreum distribution is just 2% /tx compare to Cake 8% /tx, so people got THOREUM 1/4 slower than CAKE

2🌱. To optimize gas fee for user Thoreum will only be distributed when your claimable Thoreum rewards is > 100 THOREUM (about $1) or you Cake claimable rewards > 0.05 CAKE (about $1), whichever reach $1 first will be sent first. So when this amount is not filled up your Thoreum and Cake is still increasing but not distributed.

3🌱. Both THOREUM & CAKE distributions are only happen when people sell or transfer their tokens, not when they are buying. So at the time not many people selling or transfering there is not much distributions even your rewards is still going up.

4🌱. You have to hold 200,000 Thundercake at least to get rewards.

💛You can always check how many CAKE and THOREUM you are going to receive by going to https://www.thundercake.app/dashboard. If you want it to be transferred to your wallet you can either make a sell transaction of any amount, or click Manual Claim on the Dashboard to get it.

How can I contact the team?

The best way to contact the team is through our telegram. We are always available to help you 24/7 with multiple language groups!

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